It is well established that DNA evidence provides tremendous value in an investigation. A 2008 study showed that having forensic DNA analysis for non-violent cases increased the suspect identification by two-fold. However, only about half of all cases globally hit to a DNA database with traditional STRs. For the remaining cases, law enforcement and forensic laboratories are looking for new ways to advance their investigations. With the introduction of next-generation sequencing, forensic laboratories can now provide additional investigative information that was not possible with traditional technologies, such as CE, thereby increasing the chance of providing successful case resolution.

The ForenSeq Imagen Kit generates phenotypic and biogeographical ancestry information, independent of STR analysis, using community-approved SNPs in an operationally ready solution that is easy to adopt. In this webinar, you’ll learn about ForenSeq Imagen and how you can use it to generate a more comprehensive DNA profile to complement traditional STR analysis.



Samantha Dowles
Staff Scientist

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