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Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has demonstrated that it can extract additional information from DNA samples when current technology fails. When CE-based STR profiles do not produce a hit in CODIS, the unique capabilities available through NGS such as higher-plex marker panels, more discriminatory SNP data, and forensic genetic genealogy is providing insights that lead to case resolutions. Members of the forensic community are recognizing this technology as a viable, front-line option for DNA analysis and its utility in regular operations.


In this three-part webinar series, forensic DNA laboratory experts will share their insight and experience on implementing NGS. Speakers will address topics ranging from the return on investment for expanded DNA capabilities, how to collaborate with and influence additional stakeholders and partner agencies, and considerations for testing, validating, and getting accredited for new marker types. 


In this series, you’ll learn...

  • The business case for next-generation sequencing, and why you should put resources towards having expanded DNA matching capabilities
  • How to get stakeholders such as bosses, collaborators, and lab personnel on board with validating a new technology
  • How to move beyond the validation phase for NGS and implement into casework


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